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Dictionary Of Occupational Titles Index

Following is a portion of the alphabetical index to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) revised fourth edition, provided, as a public service, by ITA .


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Quick-Mixer Operator (sugar & conf.) 520.685-074
quick print operator (print. & pub.) 979.362-010
QUICK SKETCH ARTIST (amuse. & rec.) 149.041-010
QUILL-BUNCHER-AND-SORTER (tex. prod., nec) 734.687-066
Quill Changer (narrow fabrics) 689.686-038
quill cleaner (textile) 689.686-014
quill cleaner, hand (textile) 689.687-014
quill-cleaning-machine operator (textile) 689.686-014
quiller (textile) 681.685-074
quiller hand (textile) 681.685-074
Quiller-Machine Fixer (textile) 689.260-010
QUILLER OPERATOR (textile) 681.685-070
quiller tender (textile) 681.685-074
quill inspector (glass mfg.; plastic-synth.; textile) 681.687-030
quill-machine tender (textile) 681.685-070
Quill-Picking-Machine Operator (tex. prod., nec) 589.685-054
quill skinner (textile) 689.686-014
quill stripper (textile) 689.686-014
Quill Winder (narrow fabrics) 681.685-154
QUILTER FIXER (tex. prod., nec) 689.260-014
quilting-machine helper (tex. prod., nec) 689.686-010
QUILTING-MACHINE OPERATOR (glove & mit.; tex. prod., nec) 689.685-106
QUILTING-MACHINE OPERATOR (tex. prod., nec) 584.382-014
Quilt Sewer (tex. prod., nec) 787.682-066
Quilt Sewer, Hand (tex. prod., nec) 782.684-018
QUILT STUFFER (tex. prod., nec) 789.687-130
QUILT STUFFER, MACHINE (tex. prod., nec) 689.685-102
quirk sander (boot & shoe) 662.685-042
quote clerk (financial) 237.367-046

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