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After we receive your order from PayPal we will set up a personalized web page for you and send you its address via email, usually within one business day. When you visit that page you will be able to click on a link to download a program that will install the DOT on your computer. If you have any difficulty, contact us by email.
Downloads are not refundable.

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    DOT for Windows assists job seekers, employers, educational and training institutions, researchers and others by detailing tasks performed, educational requirements, and skills needed for more than 12,000 types of jobs.

    It is the complete, 1,300-page, 2-volume DOT, with a retrieval program that enables you to search easily and quickly using words or numbers on any of the 28,800 job titles.

    You can click for groups and click a group to go to successive levels of subgroupings.

    Search the DOT index using any alphanumeric string to locate job(s) by DOT code or a portion of one, or to find the code for any job title containing a word, phrase or portion of a word of your choice.

    You can also browse, copy, paste, and output information to any Windows document or to a printer.

    System Requirements:
    This product requires Windows Vista, XP or prior versions of Windows, with 25MB of available free disk space.


  • DOT for Windows contains our built-in search and retrieval software.

  • Single User download: $49

  • Multiple User Licenses: $30 per user for 2nd - 5th users. $15 for each user over 5.

Who buys our software?

Most of our customers buy our products on the recommendation of colleagues and friends.

Our customers are located in every state and on every continent. They are
  • educational institutions
  • thousands of law firms around the world
  • individuals
  • The U.S. government and its agencies, including the U.S. House of Representatives, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, The Department of State, including USA embassies overseas, The National Science Foundation, NASA, Food and Drug Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health, Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Defense, including a U.S. ship at sea.
  • State governments and government agencies.
  • Foreign governments, their embassies and the United Nations Organization.
  • Corporations, including well known multinationals like Walt Disney, Boeing, Microsoft, Schering-Plough, NCR, Deutsche Bank, 3M, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, MCI, Citibank, IBM, Chevron, Sun Microsystems, Deere & Co, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Hearst Corporation, American Express, Cirque du Soleil, Mita, Texaco, Olin Corp., Deloitte & Touche Tomahtsu, Alcatel Alsthom, Raytheon, Capital One, Oracle Corp., Nestle, Toyota, Reuters, Sharp Electronics, Lucent Technologies, Dan & Bradstreet, CIT Group, Andersen Consulting, KPMG, Bausch & Lomb, GTE, Bahrain Petroleum Co., Learjet Inc., TWA, United Parcel Service and the American Stock Exchange.
  • health care organizations
  • non-profit organizations, such as Catholic Charities, CARE International and Hadassah.
  • immigration professionals

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